20th Annual Harrison Society Luncheon

Tse Sports Center at Hutchinson Gymnasium
April 9, 2014 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

The Quaker at the 20th Annual Harrison Society LuncheonPresident Gutmann at the 20th Annual Harrison Society Luncheon

The Harrison Society held its 20th Annual Luncheon―an event which is blossoming into a time honored tradition―on April 9 in the Tse Sports Center at Hutchinson Gymnasium. The spring weather was especially welcome on campus after an unusually harsh winter. There were few people better to commemorate the occasion than our guest speaker, Penn President Dr. Amy Gutmann. Guests from all over the country were treated to enthralling remarks about the current state of affairs at Penn with a trip down memory lane on how we arrived here. Dr. Gutmann carefully illustrated how the dedication of past and current Harrison Society members has helped transform the University into the remarkable place it is today before entertaining a brief Q&A session. Also livening up the affair was the Penn Quaker, who attended in addition to a few of Penn’s outstanding student athletes. The entire afternoon served as a resounding reminder of everything Harrison Society members do for Penn. We relish this opportunity to thank each of you personally and look forward to hosting present and future members at upcoming luncheons!